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Payment Plan


Buying a vintage piece of restored furniture is an investment, this is why I offer a 3 monthly payment plan.

It allows everyone access to purchasing quality pieces of furniture and helping the environment at the same time.

If you would like the opportunity to purchase your own piece of bespoke furniture using the payment plan then please get in touch via the contact form below. 

 Terms & Conditions:

  -  Installments will be split into 3 equal payments.

 - Dates for payments are discussed prior to the sale.

 - No reservation of furniture will be made prior to the receipt of      the 1st instalment.

 - Failure to pay subsequent installments will result on the item        being relisted for sale and the any monies will not be returned      to you.    

 - All items may be subject to a storage fee of £5 per week.

 - There are no interest fees on the payments.

 - Items will only be shipped after all instalments are paid.

 - Delivery charges will apply in addition to the final instalment.

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